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nursing of color


Effective use of color to enhance
the safety of nursing

A color to change the environment of the house from mental care .I think that I can ease a risk hedge and extra expense by using learning the color effect. Art of nursing and color nursing plan to use color effect.

Color seen from aspect of using it to nurse effect. I think that the field played a part to raise an inside and cost-effectiveness advanced of the aged society is a color. For it to have a good influence for the mind and the body and to improve the safety of nursing, it thinks about the effective color usage.

Color point in nursing environment

Impressions of the colors in the life around us changes, such as walls and furniture and bedding. To get to feel comfortable living in a nursing care is necessary to control the perception of color. That the senior citizen considers it because a sight function deteriorates is demanded.

The color that is better for a motivation and stability of the emotion

The light blue system color lets you relax feeling of strain and raises presence of mind.
The red is necessary for the place promoting attention. It is effective on indispensable parts such as dangerous evasion or a point to want you to pay more attention. When there is too much red, you must be careful about distribution because a feeling becomes loose.
Orange system color and the yellow system color raise communication power. Though I bounce conversation by putting it on a floor or the table and do a place of the interchange lively, I show power.

A color to think about to a base

The thing which a color was in more thinly than a white thing is good. If is pure white, there is a feeling of cleanliness, but is dazzling, and feel it at the time of senior citizen and weakening state, and is easy to become tired; come to it-colored. Because I give an impression and the uneasiness that the white is cold, the slightly-colored taste which entered can be relieved.

A fluorescent lamp

Than a bluish color a color with the reddish tinge. Warmth redder than blue bleakness feels cheerful.

Space color

It is easy to do a position instruction when I put the change of the color for the end of the room whether I acquire the difference of the turn of mind every place. In the bath, in this color, the restroom, as for this color, the living, it is it with a signature to help the judgment of the place in what a state such as this color can judge by sight recognition.


The place with the step should make the difference of the color clear for security, and stairs are places. It is it for danger prevention by making it easy I let you distinguish a color from an obstacle as for the handrail, the step, and to understand that I am different visually.
I avoid the color that is mineral matter. White & black & the gray is stylish, but there is not warmth. Warmth is felt, and the one where contained a color can keep a good image.

Color episode
A story of the knowledge of the color to make a living happy


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Color episode
A story of the knowledge of the color to make a living happy

Color chart
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nursing of color

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