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The combination of the color of clothes


The combination of the color of clothes

I think that I think about the combination of the color as one of the coordinates to untie it whether you will wear the clothes of which color today.

At that time, let's turn mind to the point how use the ratio of the color which color it combines with the clothes of which color. an atmosphere and an impression are replaced to even the pair of the same color what kind of ratio a color is used in.

If three (the base color, assort color, and the accent color) are combined while thinking about the ratio well when clothes are coordinated, it becomes dressing without the failure.

The base color to make colors look overall color accounts for 70% of the whole place. Suits and dresses are the base clothing for large area.

The assortment color is a color that accounts for 20-30 percent whole by the color that brings the entire pull setting up together as for the base color. and best blouse, skirt, pants, shoes and bags, etc. assort color and color.

I use total around 10 percent with a color the accent color puts an accent, and to tighten fashion. I have an accent when I choose base color and a contrastive color and the outstanding color. accessories and a tie, a scarf are the colors of the accent color.

Figure of color balance

It comes to make coordination good if the combination of the colors that become three keys to the base color, the assortment color, and the accent color is steady though a lot of colors are used for the dress.

I let you wear it according to a law and will do the color coordinate of clothes.

There becomes little failure if I use the law of the color to let you wear the color of clothes well. I see it more smartly and am easy to make it if I know the structure of the color to give the modest impression to give an impression as if I attract attention.

Tone on tone color

A color to make with the light and shade by similar turn of mind. the image why the form visible to the naked eye lasts is emphasized.It is the wearing that combined a dark color with the clothes of a light color of the color of a similar shade.

# FFFFFF - #FFFFFF# FFFBC7 - #FFFBC7# D6C677 - #D6C677# FFF67F - #FFF67F

Dominant color color

I send color taste to a relative to keep a united feeling in many colors and do it to uniformity. the wearing that I summarized the color of clothes in with the color of a similar direction.

# C78D4B - #C78D4B# FFE100 - #FFE100# F7AB00 - #F7AB00# AA9A00 - #AA9A00

Tone in tone color

The color that I compiled in a similar tone. I gather up the color that a light color is light, a dark color with a dark color. Of clothes that the color is dark-colored light clothes / color light; the combination that there was it, and gathered up the gloomy clothes of clothes / the color color.

# F8C5AC - #F8C5AC# F4B4D0 - #F4B4D0# 9FD9F6 - #9FD9F6# BEDFC2 - #BEDFC2

# 3B1E87 - #3B1E87# 801E6C - #801E6C# 910000 - #910000# 5D310C - #5D310C

Tonal color

A color by the intermediate color. the combination of the color that gray was settled down to. I make it with the combination of the clothes that a color contained gray.

# AA9A00 - #AA9A00# 9B7843 - #9B7843# 9B7B6C - #9B7B6C# 757088 - #757088

Dominant tone color

The color that kept a unity in many colors. I match the gradation of the light and shade and make turn of mind uniformity.the hue of clothes can keep a unity by unifying it with a color / the color of the at twilight time that I am various, is bright.

# 680000 - #680000# 00496D - #00496D# 736B00 - #736B00# 004714 - #004714

Camaieu color

A color to make with material and a difference of the tex tea processing with the almost same color. the delicate fashion which looks like one color in a long distance.

# C78D4B - #C78D4B# C8A06C - #C8A06C# BD8C66 - #BD8C66

Faux camaieu color

The color that turn of mind and a tone almost delicately put off in the same color. the coordinate of the clothes which kept the balance with a similar color.

# B9C3C9 - #B9C3C9# C8BCB5 - #C8BCB5# B5B5B6 - #B5B5B6# 929994 - #929994

Tricolor color

Arrangement of color clear of contrast. clothes that combine by three colors that divide difference of color of French national flag and Italian national flag. It lucidly classifies with inner and the pair of trousers of the shirt and it dresses.

# E8380D - #E8380D# F5F3F2 - #F5F3F2# 0068B7 - #0068B7

Bicolor color

A clear color with two colors of the contrast. I distribute a color by arrival at laying upon of the clothes of the top and bottom and show the difference of the hue.

# 00496D - #00496D# F5F3F2 - #F5F3F2

Multicolored color

The many coloring color in more than three colors. the coordinates of the combination of a complicated color / design such as a check handle and an Asian taste, an ethnic taste. I put a handle and one color of clothes together.

# EB6100 - #EB6100# 00693E - #00693E# 801E6C - #801E6C # 00496D - #00496D

Gradation color

The color that arranged colors more than three colors to a change of the gradation of the tone. the clothes which crossed a step-by-step change by the combination of a dark color and a light color.

# 1E2C5C - #1E2C5C# 595757 - #595757# 757088 - #757088

Repetition color

A color I use colors more than three colors repeatedly, and to make a total unity. the handle thing fashions such as flannel shirts.

# 406186 - #406186# A72126 - #A72126# AA9A00 - #AA9A00# 406186 - #406186# A72126 - #A72126# AA9A00 - #AA9A00# 406186 - #406186# A72126 - #A72126

Natural harmony color

A color to make a feeling of natural harmony. the combination that was based on a color in nature. appear without a feeling of warmth and warmth giving glory.

# C4D700 - #C4D700# A5D4AD - #A5D4AD# 9B7843 - #9B7843# 5D310C - #5D310C

Inferiority complex harmony color

A color to make a feeling of man-made harmony. The gray pair whom I darkened a little, and was based on a color settled down who entered. Presence of mind and an urbane coordinate.

# 9E948F - #9E948F# 727171 - #727171# 010000 - #010000# D6C677 - #D6C677

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The combination of the color of clothes

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