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Expressed color episode


Consideration of the influence of the color

A story of the knowledge of the color to make a living happy.

The change is given to life by power to receive from the color. The color has the power not seen eyes that change the character and the psychological condition. Let's use the stimulation received from the color effect of the image to senses of the body to live every day. It is possible to use it by a wide life scene. It not only spaces about the advertisement, the fashion, the shop, and the room but also the color effect is influenced also by the interpersonal relationship and the improvement of the self. A vivid change is brought in nonchalant daily life when various effects that individual individuality that exists in the color gives the receiver are understood. The influence of the color is mysterious and pungent.

colored influence

It is big to give an image as a role of the colors. As for the influence to give and I control a feeling and change feelings heart, it is studied and is made to imagine by a color trainer with a color to quite understand it with a package even if I express contents and do not check the contents. In addition, a mainly-colored work to let you feel taste holds it. Because there is the power that I am about to appeal to a person for the color directly, it can stream down the message which can be crowded by a-colored combination even if there are not the elements such as a letter or the photograph.

I come under various influence by the impression of the color unconsciously.


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Color episode
A story of the knowledge of the color to make a living happy

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Expressed color episode

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