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A color chart

The colorings are convenient to watch the change of the color by a tone and the turn of mind not only I know a color. When it was at a loss with a color, it is this for the sense that it watched! I can choose the color that I should select as. It is the charm of the color that there is many than I think with a head when intuition is important.

Get an image by the combination of the color from a color chart. It is RGB for hexadecimal notation, monitor indication by the WEB design. It is CMYK to printing use.

The base makes CMYK in a standard.

A color chart of the process color

This is the process color chart. which made in standard CMYK. become the chart of the gradation at 0% to 100%. pick up a color from printed matter, hexadecimal numerical value helps for web design.

The color chart which assumed process color a standard

this color chart is helping a DTP designer or a WEB designer. based on a color of CMYK4 class of cyan magenta yellow black becoming basic with the print, can use only a color settled down except the bright color that brilliant in RGB. there is the dazzling color in a color to be able to make with RGB. I think that it had better wait to use at a big area if there is not special intention. When the color messenger who does not use the band only for RGB links from paper WEB from WEB to paper and makes it, it is convenient. A color changes openly; can prevent it.



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