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This site is a useful site for a DTP designer and a web designer. you can find it a new color combinations. let's open the door of the color. swatch is useful to see the color change of tone and hue. See this in the sense in choosing a color! I feel that good things can pick it. Important than intuition minds (and maybe).

Will grip the image by the combination of the colors from the color chart. RGB is the WEB design for the hexadecimal color number and the monitor display. CMYK is the color settings for printing. Because two or more color of numerical values are written to use the color chart according to the usage, it is convenient. This site is made based on CMYK base.

It introduces the arrangement of color of the arrangement of color that the usage frequency seems to be high and the color actually used well on business of the combination etc.

Web16 and CMYK color model base. CMYK color chip numbers and decimal web16 know. You can check the appearance of colors and color combinations.

Various color samples. Page seen when designer worries in arrangement of color. Because the importance of the arrangement of color is high to design, I think that I find the color chart page where the image floats useful.


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Let's know the color more. Color sample list

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A story of the knowledge of the color to make a living happy

Color chart
A convenient color chart. The sample of the color.

Color Sample Site

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